Listed below are patriots who aided in achieving American independence. Amelia Island NSDAR members have researched and certified their lineal descent from these ancestors.


BEAUMONT, Sr., Samuel (Soldier)
BEAUMONT, Jr., Samuel (Sergeant)
BURR, Wakeman (1st Lieutenant)
CARY, Samuel (Private)
GRIFFIN, Jr., Lemuel (Patriotic Service)
HUBBELL, Shadrach (1st Lieutenant)
MOREHOUSE, Jesse (Private)
PHELPS, Ebenezer (Lieutenant)
WALDO, Sr., Jesse (Lieutenant)
WALTERS, Elijah (Private)


CONE, William (Patriotic Service)
HIGGINBOTHAM, Burroughs (Soldier)
JACKSON, Isaac (Colonel)
KING, John (Private)
LEE, John (Soldier)
METZGER, David (Soldier)
MITCHELL, William (Private)
PAULK, Micajah (Patriotic Service, Soldier)
POWELL, Moses (Patriotic Service, Private)
RICKETSON, Timothy (Jr.) (Patriotic Service, Private)
SHUTTLES, William (Soldier)
SWEAT, Nathan (Soldier)
THOMPSON, Reuben (Patriotic Service)


CARCEAUX, Nicholas (Patriotic Service)


BAYNE, Ebsworth (Patriotic Service)
BEALL, Samuel (Patriotic Service)
BEALL, Thaddeus (Captain/Patriotic Service)
BRIGHT, James (Private)
DUVALL, Alexander (Patriotic Service)
FEARING, Noah (Captain, Civil Service)
FEARING, Silas (Private)
HAMMER, Tobias (Soldier)
PACK, William (Private)
PIPER, Jacob (Patriotic Service)
WADE, Robert (Patriotic Service)
TRAUTMAN, Michael (Captain, CS)
WARNER, George (Private)


BRADLEY, Jesse (Captain)
BREWER, Jonathan (Colonel)
BRADFORD, Samuel (Captain)
DAVIS, Aaron (Colonel/Patriotic Service)
FEARING, Noah (Captain, Civil Service)
FEARING, Silas (Private)
FELCH, J (Captain)
GROVES, Peter (Soldier)
HARTWELL, Solomon (Private/Patriotic Service)
HAYNES, Matthais (Sergeant)
HYLAND, Samuel

KELLOGG, Jabez (Seargeant)
MORTON, Ambrose (Private)
PHILLIPS, John (Sergeant)
PURINTON (PURINGTON), Joseph (Private)
PUTNAM, Nathan (Patriotic Service)
RANSFORD (RAINSFORD), Joseph (Private)
REED, Sr., David (Lieutenant)
REED, Jr., David (Waiter)
SHATTUCK, William (Major) Note: William Shattuck is credited with service in MA, VT, NH
VAUGHN, John Daniel (Private)
WOODMAN, Nathan (Corporal)


HUTCHINSON, Israel (Private )
JAQUITH, Thomas (Private)
LOWELL, Timothy (Private)
SHATTUCK, William (Major) Note: William Shattuck is credited with service in MA, VT, NH


ARROWSMITH, Benjamin (Private)
BAIRD, William (Wagoneer)
COOK, David (Ensign)
COWDRICK, John (Captain)
DUNHAM, Jonathan (Private)
EDWARDS, Moses (Private)
FORD, Jacob (Civil Service/Patriotic Service)
HAMPTON, John Thomas (Surgeon)
HOPKINSON, Francis (Signer Constitution / Patriotic Service)
MESSLER, Cornelius (Private)
NICHOLSON, John ( Lieutenant)
SCUDDER, Nathaniel (Colonel)
TUTTLE, Moses (Civil Service, Patriotic Service)


ALLEN, John (Private)
CAMPBELL, Samuel (Colonel)
FREER, Paulus (Patriotic Service, Soldier)
GREEN, Peter (Private)
HAVENS, Peter (Private)
SLINGERLAND, Teunis (Private)
SOUTHARD, Henry (Private)


BARGE, Lewis (Patriotic Service, Soldier)
BATTLE, William (Patriotic Service)
BRANTLEY, John (Private)
BRASHEAR, Samuel (Private)
BRITT, Lemuel (Soldier/Patriotic Service)
BULLARD, Thomas (Private)
CARVER, Sampson (Soldier)
CHAPMAN, Joseph (Captain)
COBB, John (Private)
DAVIDSON, William (Captain)
DESHONG (DESHON) Augustine Patriotic Service)
DESHONG, Louis (Marines)
DeVANE, Sr., John (Civil Service, Patriotic Service)
DILWORTH, John (Patriotic Service)
DRAKE, James (Patriotic Service)
EVERS Sr., John (Soldier, Patriotic Service)
FLAKE, Samuel (Civil Service, Patriotic Service)
FLAKE, William (Patriotic Service)
GOODING, John (Patriotic Service)
GROOVER, Peter (Sergeant)
GUNN, Daniel (Lieutenant)
HICKS, Thankful Weeks (Patriotic Service)
HIGHSMITH, Daniel (Soldier)
HOWARD, George (Private)
HOWE, Robert (Major General)
IRION, John Lewis Theodore (Private)
JOHNSON, Reuben (Private)
JONES, Nathaniel (Civil Service)
JOYNER, Sr., John (Patriotic Service)
KASTNER (CASTNER), Johan Anton Private)
KNOX, Samuel (Lieutenant)
LANIER, Lewis (Cornet)
LASSITER, Shadrack (Lieutenant)
LAWRENCE, Abraham (Patriotic Service)
LINSTER, Moses (Patriotic Service)
MATTHEWS, James (Private)
McHARG, William (Private)
MILLS, James (Patriotic Service, Soldier)
MITCHELL, Abraham (Private)
NEAL, Jr., Thomas (Private)
PARK, Moses (Civil Service, Patriotic Service)
PARKER, Thomas (Patriotic Service)
PEACOCK, Isham (Private)
PEARCE, James (Captain)
PERSONS (PEARSON), John (Patriotic Service)
PERSONS (PEARSON), Jones (Soldier)
PICKARD, Henry (Civil Service, Patriotic Service)
PINNELL, John (Lieutenant/Patriotic Service)
POPE, Willis (Lieutenant)
POWELL, Sampson (Patriotic Service)
PFAFF, Peter (Patriotic Service)
ROMINGER, Michael, Sr. (Patriotic Service)
ROMINGER, Michael, Jr. (Private)
ROSSER, James (Patriotic Service)
SHEPHERD, John (Patriotic Service)
SMITH, Daniel (Captain)
STOVALL, Sr., John (Patriotic Service)
STOVALL, Josiah (Patriotic Service)
STUBBLEFIELD, Jr., Richard Private)
SUTTLES, Josiah (Patriotic Service)
TERRELL, Simon (Lieutenant)
THORNBURGH, Joseph (Patriotic Service)
WHITEHURST (WHITIS), Batson Private)
WITHERSPOON, John (Civil Service)
WILLIS, James (Patriotic Service)
WOOTEN, Thomas (Colonel)
YOUNT, Jacob (Soldier)


ALBRIGHT, Bernard (Private)
BARTLEY, Elijah (Private)
DODSON, Sr., Thomas (Private)
ETTER, Abraham (Private)
FLICK, Gerlach Paul (Captain, Patriotic Service)
HARNED, Jonathan (Lieutenant)
KOHLER, Baltzer N/A
MANNING (MANNEN), John Private)
MATLACK, Timothy (Colonel, Patriotic Service)
McHARG, Alexander (Patriotic Service)
MORRIS, Isaac (Private)
MORROW, John (Soldier)
OVERHOLTZER, Henry (Private)
ROBERDEAU, Daniel (Brigadier General/Patriotic Service)
SHINDEL, Sr., Peter (Patriotic Service)
SHISSLER, Conrad (Private)
SMITH, Charles (Private)
SNOWDEN, Isaac (Staff Officer / Civil Service)
SWAN, Sr., John (Patriotic Service)
TROUT, Wendel (Private)


BALLOU, Eleazer (Soldier)
TABOR, Pardon (Civil Service)


ABNEY, Samuel (Private)
AYER, Thomas (Captain)
BUSH, Richard (Patriotic Service)
CARTER, George (Private)
CHAPMAN, Joseph (Captain)
COLEMAN, Robert (Sergeant)
CONNER, Thomas (Patriotic Service)
CRAWFORD, John (Private)
DAVIS, Sr., Absolom (Private)
DeLOACH, John (Soldier)
DE SURRENCY, Samuel (Private)
FRIERSON, Aaron (Civil Service)
GRIFFIN, Richard (Civil Service, Patriotic Service)
HARDEMAN, Thomas (Captain)
HARRELL, Levi (Soldier)
HARVEY, Evan (Soldier, Patriotic Service)
HAY, William (Patriotic Service)
HEARD, Charles (Lieutenant)
HENRY, SR, William (Patriotic Service)
HUGGINS, John (Captain)
McCALLA, David (Private)
McCRARY, Robert (Lieutenant Colonel)
MILLWEE, William (Major)
NIXON, John Bentley (Patriotic Service)
NORMAN, Richard (Lieutenant Colonel)
O'NEILL, John (Patriotic Service)
PARKMAN II, Henry ((Private)
PRIOR, Seth (Private)
QUATTLEBAUM, Rachel Derrin) (Patriotic Service)
SIMPSON, William (Private)
SMITH, Ralph (Patriotic Service/Civil Service)
SMITH, William (Major)
THOMAS, James (Soldier)
TOWNSEND, Light (Private)
WATERS, Boardwine N/A
WATSON, John (Private)


SHATTUCK, William (Major) Note: William Shattuck is credited with service in MA, VT, NH


ANDERSON, John (Soldier)
BARKSDALE, Jeffrey (Private)
BRATTON, Robert (Patriotic Service)
BROWN, Robert (Private)
BURWELL, Nathaniel (Major)
CASPER, Peter (Soldier)
CATLETT, Reuben (Patriotic Service)
COBB, John (Private)
CONWAY, Catlett (Captain)
CURRY, Robert (Private)
DAVIS, Lewis C. (Private)
ESSARY, John (Private)
GIVENS, William (Patriotic Service)
GRAVES, William (Patriotic Service)
IRION, Philip Jacob (Patriotic Service)
IVEY, ADAM (Patriotic Service)
JACKSON, Josiah (Soldier)
KELLER, Conrad (Private)
KEY, John Waller (Soldier)
KINCANNON, Andrew (Captain)
LYNCH, William ((Patriotic Service)
MAXEY, Sr., Walter (Patriotic Service)
MAXEY, Walter, Jr. (Soldier)
McQUEEN, Jr., Thomas (Private, Patriotic Service)
MIMS, David (Patriotic Service)
NEWHOUSE, Anthony (Seaman)
NICHOLSON, William (Patriotic Service, Soldier)
NUNN, Thomas (Ensign, Patriotic Service)
OWSLEY, Sr., Thomas (Patriotic Service)
PURDOM, Thomas (Private)
SINNETT, Patrick (Private)
SMITH, William (Lieutenant)
SWANSON, Nathan (Patriotic Service)
SWANSON, William (Patriotic Service)
TURLEY, Giles (Ensign)
VAUGHAN, William (Patriotic Service)
WALLACE, William (Sailor)
WATSON, John (Private)
WALTON, Mary Sims (Patriotic Service)
WALTON, Simeon (Civil Service)
WILHOIT, Tobias (Private)

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